Sin by Shaun Allan

imageThis review was perhaps harder to write than the last, and I couldn’t wait until my normal Friday posting to share it.

Shaun Allan ‘s Sin took me over 3 weeks to read. It had to do with how my mind processed it, which is to say: slowly.

We start off with a methodical doctor’s note, move into a stream of consciousness and morph into what I would consider “traditional” narrative. Shaun’s writing style is like a snake shedding its skin. Consider it a metaphor of personal metamorphosis the title character undergoes throughout the book.

As I read Sin, I told a friend of mine about it made me feel. When I uttered the word “unstable” he laughed at me. Now, don’t take that as a bad thing; its really not. If anything, its a testament to how Allan can get in your head and make himself at home. The further into normalcy Sin went, the better I felt. The more he uncovered about himself, the less insecure I felt about myself. Its amazing how deeply we dive into book to come out having such strong psychological reactions. Especially a book dealing with paranormal mental instability. There’s no other way for me to describe it, as it doesn’t seem to fit into the regular literary molds.

The characters themselves are great. There aren’t many, which is good for this sort of story I think. It allows for intense descriptions of them, their personalities and evolution as the story itself unfolds. I really can’t wait to see what Shaun has in store for us the next round. Guaranteed it will be a fantastic ride.

Next week I’m going to share some of my WIP, which is still Untitled. Three drafts later, one would think I could come up with a suitable title. Perhaps I’ll let my readers decide?

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2 Responses to Sin by Shaun Allan

  1. Thanks for such a wonderful review Jessica. I sincerely appreciate and am so glad. You enjoyed my book!


  2. Sin is an awesome book, I do agree! Allan’s way with words is tricksy, and keeps you thinking. I found myself laughing at things that were only funny because of the way Sin himself portrayed them.

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