The Beginning of The End: Books 1-4 by Michael Edward

In the interest of full disclosure I have to say this if my first book review since, i don’t know, 5th grade. I agonized over it, and because of that I fear it won’t be very helpful. Or well-written. Also, I’m covering four books instead of one. Hindsight being what it is, I’ll be doing single books going forward. That being said…I’m going to just dive in and hope I don’t piss off the author.

Michael Edward has written four of the six books in the sci-fi/dystopian/military-esque The Beginning Of The End (TBOTE) Series. He is currently working on the last two installments, which is awesome because I really need to know how it all ends. Seriously.

The first thing that jumped out at me is the format, tense and grammar. Michael writes in the format of Location, not Chapter, and there are time jumps. Throughout the current books, we visit four or five different time periods. Everything was carefully labeled, so the reader knows where and when he or she is as the books progress. Also, the books are in present tense. Combine those factors with the grammar (mostly spelling errors) and it took me into Book 2 to become fully immersed in the series. I had become invested by then, and the remaining two books were already on the Kindle, which saved me from taking reading time to hit Amazon to purchase them later.

Character description is wonderful. Each character has his or her own defined personality., and there are many characters. As the books progress, original characters die and new are introduced. The series spans four, potentially five, generations to this point, with the Writer family its focus.

I was never bored reading the TBOTE Series, and rarely got lost. Michael’s attention to detail and narrative-descriptive approach really kept me engrossed once I became invested. I had to know how each book was going to play out. His combination of present tense and in-depth description won out over any inconsistencies (of which there are few).

In short: I really like this Series and cannot wait for Michael to finish it. Hint, hint. And, I promise to get better at writing reviews so when the time comes for Books 5 and 6 reviews, they will look and feel better to the reader.

Next up: Shaun Allan’s Sin.

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