T’was the Night of Solstice Winter

T’was the Night of Solstice, Winter

and across all the Land,

Families and familiars danced

hand in hand.

The mead flowing freely

with bread and meat abound.

Children laughing and playing

free to make many a sound.

With the Mother Goddess’s spirit

keeping them safe,

All felt most fortunate

to be in Her Grace.

Her appearance did shift

through Crone, Maiden and Mother.

The eyes of her beloved Holly King filled

with love for no other.

The birth of the Sun

to bring back the light,

is truly a wondrous

and magnificent sight.

For all we rejoice

in the new Cycle of Life,

remember one thing:

We made it through the strife.

Love one another

and thank the Goddess and Her King.

For their Love is eternal

in the abundance they bring.

May your fires burn bright

in the night’s darkened pool,

until we once again witness

the brilliance of Yule.

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