Cutting the Proverbial Cord

“Oh, just shut up and email it to me.”

Those words came out of the phone like a rocket. It took all of 20 seconds to open my email and attach my rough draft. But, it took several minutes for me to hit the send button. Sending it was the equivalent to watching my now 14 year old daughter get on the school bus for the first time. Would my baby be alright? What if it got hurt? Who was going to take care of it? Would it get along with the others?

Like children, letting a manuscript out into the world the first time is a horrific feeling. I’ve been anxious ever since it left its safe place on the flash drive. Thankfully, I trust the person who has it. Phone call #2 today assured me he was only doing grammatical changes, as content was not among his specialties.

He better not hurt my baby…

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2 Responses to Cutting the Proverbial Cord

  1. Truer words have never been spoken, “he better not hurt my baby…” I know exactly how you feel!

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